Backlash over Japan ‘glasses ban’ for feminine workers

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Sporting glasses at work has change into an emotive topic in Japan following reports that some firms have urged feminine workers to determine on them.

Several native recordsdata retailers said some companies had “banned” eyewear for feminine workers for various causes.

Among them, some retail chains reportedly said glasses-wearing shop assistants gave a “frigid impact”.

That has sparked heated discussion on Jap social media over gown practices and females in the workplace.

The Nippon TV network and Business Insider were amongst the retailers to document on the project, which checked out how firms in moderately about a industries restrict females from wearing glasses.

They integrated safety causes for airline workers, or being unable to peep execute-up neatly for females working in the elegance sector.

It change into not clear whether or not the so-known as “bans” were according to firm policies, or moderately reflected what change into socially licensed practice in these locations of work.

However the topic has resulted in heated debates on social media.

The hashtag “glasses are forbidden” has been standard in Japan and the topic persevered to entice tweets on Friday.

Kumiko Nemoto, professor of sociology at Kyoto University of Foreign Study, said folk in Japan were reacting to the “out of date” policies.

She said: “The reason why females will not be presupposed to avoid losing on glasses… in actuality manufacture not execute sense. It be all about gender. It be sparkling discriminatory.”

She added that the reports reflected “outmoded, old Jap” thinking.

“It be not about how females manufacture their work. The firm… values the females’s look as being feminine and that’s the rationale opposite to any individual who wears glasses,” Prof Nemoto said.

The discussion has echoes of a most contemporary workplace controversy in Japan over high heels.

Actor and creator Yumi Ishikawa launched a petition calling for Japan to entire gown codes after being made to avoid losing on high heels while working at a funeral parlour.

The movement attracted a rush of enhance and a trusty social media following.

Supporters tweeted the petition alongside the hashtag #KuToo in team spirit with her cause, mirroring the #MeToo movement in opposition to sexual abuse.

The slogan plays on the Jap words for shoes “kutsu” and distress “kutsuu”.

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Yumi Ishikawa submitted her petition to the Jap authorities in June

Campaigners reveal that wearing high heels is considered as compulsory when making advise of for jobs.

Supporters were extra aggravated after a Jap minister said it is “compulsory” for companies to place into effect gown codes that mandated high heels.

Prof Nemoto said there remains to be discussion by females in Japan “criticising the high heel” policies.

“Ladies folk are evaluated largely on their look,” she said. “That is the message that these policies are sending, not decrease than.”

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