What is Productivity? Definition, Benefits & Challenges of Productivity


Productivity is a measure of output derived from input (per unit). Productivity can be computed in capital, labor or in any other resource.

In simple words, productivity is the measure of efficiency of an individual or a collective system. It is converting of inputs into useful outputs.

Types of Productivity

What is Productivity

There are two main types of Productivity such as:

  • Personal
  • Workforce

i. Personal

The output produced from individual input in a certain period.

ii. Workforce

The total commodities (Products and services) produced from workforce inputs in a certain time period.

It is important to note that if you want to increase workforce or collective productivity then you have to focus on personal productivity to increase it.

You may be highly productive during work, but you may not get desired results. The reason maybe you are not working on right things.

You need to work on relevant output so that you can get the right things done. Increased productivity will help you to increase your career in organization or grow your business.

Benefits of Increased Productivity

It is obvious that if you work on right things with consistency, you will get desired output. You will get good even better results.

These results will take you toward growth. There are four major benefits of improved productivity such as

  • Innovation
  • Self Confidence
  • Higher Engagement
  • Growth

Common Challenges

There are several productivity challenges that can hinder your productivity. Some of the common productivity challenges are as follow:

Tips to Overcome Challenges

Well, there are many ways through which you can overcome your productivity challenges. But few of them maybe useful for you.

  1. Choose work which suites you best
  2. Get enough training to ensure accuracy in work
  3. Work under experienced supervisor
  4. Regularly read innovative productivity tips on blogs, case studies and books
  5. Implement best productivity tools to increase your efficiency

Helpful Resources: 50 Best Productivity Tools

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