How to Increase your Productivity?


Productivity is very important for personal as well as for business growth. Productivity is all about focusing, adopting smart work methodologies, time management and motivated employees.

These are the major ingredients that can increase the productivity of employees and business. If the productivity is increase, the growth of the business can be expected.

Here are top ten ways through which you can increase your productivity.

6 Best Ways to Increase Your Productivity

How to Increase Your Productivity

1# Track Time of tasks

The best way to boost productivity is to track time of allocated tasks to employees. With this analysis, you will come to know that how much time employees spend while working and how much time do waste.

You can reduce organizational drag by employing good productivity apps to track time and enhance your employees’ productivity.

2# Take Regular Breaks

Research shows that taking regular breaks increases focus and concentration of the employees on assigned tasks.

However, regular breaks are not taken, the concentration and focus gradually declines which results in low performance. So, it better to have regular short breaks in longer tasks.

3# One Task at One Time

Companies usually hire employees who are supposed to be intelligent and multi-tasking.

But it is observed that when employees focus on multiple tasks at the same time, there is a chance that their performance may reduce. So, it is wise to allocate new task when the previous one is completed.

4# Self Imposed Deadlines

This is a great personalized technique which can help one to increase performance and productivity.

Self-imposing stress can be greatly helpful in terms of increase in focus and concentration which ultimately results in boosting performance and productivity.

5# Follow the “Two-Minute Rule”

Steve Olenski (an Entrepreneur) recommends that following “two-minute rule” can actually helpful for increasing productivity.

If you come to know that you will complete the certain task within two minutes, then immediately do it. You will notice that you will complete various small tasks instantly and you will feel great sense of completion and achievement.

6# Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Unnecessary meetings are time and productivity killers. According to Atlassian, the average office worker spends over 31 hours on unproductive meetings in a month.

Before attending meeting, ask yourself what you will achieve with this meeting? Will you achieve your goal with the meeting?

Can you use alternative ways like phone call or text message to communicate message instead of meeting and will it serve your purpose? If yes, then try to avoid and adopt smart ways to convey messages.

Wrapping Up

There are various ways to increase your productivity but these are basic tips to boost productivity. Hopefully, these tips are useful for you.

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