How to Boost Your Freelance Income in 2020?


Freelancing is similar to an online business in which income is often variable. Sometimes, you earn more while in some months, you barely make reasonable earnings to cover your bills.

So, stable income is highly important to cover your home expenses. If you are a freelancer and trying to figure out ways on how to make your freelance income stable or searching hacks to increase your freelance revenue, then no need to increase your stress level.

You are not going to turn the world upside down as there are simple and easy solutions available to boost your freelance income.

Let’s explore!

10 Best Ways To Boost Your Freelance Income

How to boost your freelance income

1# Stop Procrastination

Yes, you read the right. You immediately need to stop procrastination. When you work from home, you often deal with lots of home distractions. In most cases, freelancers face lots of disturbances which ultimately decreases focus.

When you see distractions are increasing and start popping out from every corner of the house and your house is becoming chaotic, you should setup your home office separately in order to avoid these disturbances and lets you focus on important things.

Alternatively, you can also think about renting coworking spaces as it will give you a feel of professional office.

2# Boost your Productivity

Freelancing gives you liberty to work from home or anywhere in the world. You get free from time and location dependent job. However, freelancers often lose productivity due to procrastination and lack of supervisor follow up.

In order to boost your productivity, you need to find out ways that boost your energy level. Further, you can also use time tracking productivity applications to lets you focus on your tasks.

If you become successful in increasing your productivity, it will positively impact on your freelance income.

3# Work More Hours

Let’s say, you are working 4-6 hours a day and making reasonable earnings. But now you want to double your freelance income to cover your expenses. For this, you need to work more hours in order to make more money.

To boost your productivity and efficiency, try to take small breaks around 10-15 minutes after each small task. This practice will ensure your consistency and increase your energy level and focus.

4# Join Social Media

Apart from freelancing websites, you need to join social media sites and also certain freelance groups in order to increase your social interaction.

Often, top freelancers (having good client base) outsource work to beginners. You can share your freelance profiles, resumes and portfolio with them.

If they like your work, they will hire you and pay you accordingly. Further, regularly share your recently work, positive client feedback and portfolio with your social media audience.

5# Build Your Reputation

Almost all freelancers have their profiles on best freelancing websites. And you may have as well.

You should build your reputation as a trustworthy and skilled freelancer on the freelancing platforms. You need to enhance your work quality, increase your turnaround delivery time and ask your clients to leave their positive feedback, if they love your work.

Increase in reputation will directly impact your freelance income and sales as more clients will notice your profile and more likely they will collaborate and work with you in future.

6# Learn More Skills

It is usually recommended that you should learn skills and become master in one niche. This is a good tip however sometime ups and downs come in certain freelance niches.

For instance, a lot of freelancers were offering academic writing services on freelancing websites but when Universities found and notified sites that this is unethical and illegal, freelancing sites banned this niche.

Similarly, after the outbreak of COVID-19, numbers of people lost their jobs and they were unable to make money online because they don’t have other skills to monetize.

So, if you are content writer and doing awesome freelance writing, then you should try to learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Similarly, if you are a web developer but also love video editing then go for it. Learning new things never go waste. It pays in mysterious ways which we cannot sometime imagine.

7# Think Out of the Box

Freelancing is like your small business. To run and ensure its steady flow of income, you need to find more clients so that you not only cover your bills but also expand your home-based business.

For this, you need to find clients online. Let’s say, you’re a content writer or a SEO professional, then think there are hundreds of thousands business websites online and all of them struggling to grab top position in search engines especially on Google.

You can directly approach them via email and share your services. Similarly, graphic designers, web developers, and virtual bookkeepers can also approach business websites and ask them if they need any service. If so, then render your quality freelance services and boost your freelance income.

8# Become an Expert

This is another great idea to boost your freelance income or online sales. Let’s say, you are a content marketing guru and you know each and everything of your subject, then you should share your knowledge, tips, tutorials and experience with beginners.

For this, starting your own blog, or YouTube channel is a perfect idea. Similarly, you can also contribute at relevant authoritative blogs and share your tips with the audience.

People will start noticing you and if you become famous in your field, then most likely you will start getting queries about freelance work.

9# Build Your Own Website

At beginner level, you may no need to build your website for portfolio as freelancing website profile will work for you. But when you grow, try to build your own freelance website and upload your portfolio for showcase.

Do proper search engine optimization in your target area and niche so people can easily find you in search engines. This idea will surely boost your freelance income.

10# Retain Your Old Clients

Always remember, retaining old clients is a great way to boost your income. Make sure, you treat them well and provide quality work as they require. They will surely place more recurring orders.

Further, there is another great benefit of retaining your existing clients is that they can become your good referrals. They will refer more clients to you which will double your monthly freelancing earnings.

Final Words

There are more strategies you can apply but the mentioned above are the basic ways to boost your freelance income.

Hope, you find these tips and increasing freelance income strategies useful. If you know any other innovative strategy or you want to share awesome tip that can double freelance revenue, then feel free to mention it in the comment box.

Best of luck 😊


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