10 Best Employee Time Tracking Software


To create invoices for clients and getting payments, people often track their working hours. However, other people follow their time to look at how several long tasks take or to ensure that a flat-rate project will not cost more money than to bring it.

Running a time tracking app and your other jobs in progress, regardless of why you record time, is the most accurate way to do it.

I am listing down ten best employee time tracking software out of 40 apps for freelancers and small businesses. This software will also work for personal time tracking.

What Makes The Best Employee Time Tracking Software?

Best Time Tracking Software

Making a track of your time helps you to invoice more properly than estimating time worked. A higher degree of perfection and accuracy builds up the trust between you and your clients and is useful for business. You can analyze and make smarter decisions related to business when you know how to spend your money.

As per time tracking applications, they let you track time in real, which means that they give you a running clock. It means that you launch the clock while starting a task and stop or pause when you are done with it.

The best of the apps allow you to correct the time that is tracked after the fact. For instance, if you mistakenly leave a timer running and you leave for lunch. You can edit the time log to minus the particular minutes that went wasted.

    • Toggl is best as free software to opt for.
    • Harvest is best for expenses in teams and tracking hours.
    • Everhour goes suitable for tracking time in your business software.
    • Freshbooks is awesome software for time tracking in your business.
    • Timely is used to view calendar
    • HourStack helps in visualizing the time in different ways
    • Clockify is 100% free time tracking app for teams
    • RescueTime helps in forgetting and setting
    • Timeneye is used for tracking time with a bit of light project management
    • TMetric helps track time lightweight invoicing
    • Plus helps more in tracking time apps

Best Employee Time Tracking Apps

1# Toggle

One of the best free app for tracking time is Toggl, in case you cannot pay for one. It has a time-tracking tool with a good and free tier of service, giving you access to all its apps:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Linux
  4. MacOS
  5. Windows
  6. Web
  7. Browser Extension

Toggle pricing: Free of cost, and the paid starter pack starts from $10.

2# Harvest

For solo entrepreneurs, it is a stellar option; however, it is made to handle a combined workload in such a way that it is smooth and clear in understanding. It has a good and free tier of service, giving you access to all its apps such as:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Linux
  4. MacOS
  5. Windows
  6. Web
  7. Browser extension

Harvest pricing: it is free of cost, whereas its paid plan is $12 per month.

3# Everhour

It is an online-only lightweight and time tracker scheduling app, which syncs with productivity apps that you already may have been using. It has a good and free tier of service, giving you access to all its apps such as:

  1. Web
  2. Browser extension
  3. And in other web apps via integration

Everhour pricing: it is free of cost; whereas, its paid version is $11.81 monthly for a solo account.

4# FreshBooks

It is known as an accounting software; however, every tier of service that it sells has a time tracking app. It has a good and free level of service, giving you access to all its apps such as:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Linux
  4. macOS
  5. Windows
  6. web
  7. browser extension

Freshbooks pricing: its monthly billing for five clients is $15 per month.

5# Timely

If you like to work by using a calendar, this app is your way to go. It combines time tracking and scheduling into one app, providing all the things you require. It gives you access to:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. macOS
  4. Windows
  5. Web

Timely pricing: it has $7 per month plans for solo and $99 yearly for teams.

6# HourStack

This app is different in that it shows time in blocks similar to any event on a calendar. It gives you access to:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. Web

HourStack pricing: it costs $7 a month. Further, if you are a mac users, you need to pay one time tracking app that works offline, if you are a Mac user looking for a standalone. It gives you access to macOS. However, it will cost you $39 for the base package and a 14-day free trial too.

7# Clockify

Clockify is one of the best and free time tracking software for employees and teams. It is a very simple tool with easy and multiple features that track one’s time when working on projects. This app is available for

  1. Android and iOS
  2. Web
  3. Desktop

Clockify Pricing: 100% free employee time tracking app.

8# RescueTime

It is an automatic app available in a version that fits in every platform that you could want. It gives you access to:

  1. Chrome
  2. iOS
  3. macOS
  4. Windows
  5. Linux
  6. Android
  7. Firefox
  8. Brave

RescueTime Pricing: it is free of cost and paid version id $6 per month along with a 14-day free trial.

9# Timeeneye

This app works best for small teams having concerns with tracking time that is spent on projects other than invoicing and accounting management. It gives you access to:

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  3. web

Timeeneye pricing: It has a free version, and a paid version goes $7 per month for a person.

10# TMetric

A low-cost app that helps you track time via the web app, mobile app, or any desktop app. It gives access to

  1. Andriod
  2. iOS
  3. Linus
  4. macOS
  5. Windows
  6. Web

TMetric Pricing: it serves a free plan for a team of 5 members, and the paid version goes $48 per year.

Wrapping Up

Time tracking apps help you to get a handle over your tasks done in an entire day, along with managing your business efficiently. These are not only helpful for tracking time but also great of improving productivity.


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