How To Increase Volume On iPhone?


Many iPhone models are capable of high volume but not enough to enjoy music. Sometimes you are on a call and using an app that plays audio or the volume buttons to adjust the volume. These buttons control the ringtone and notification sounds too.

If your iPhone is not loud enough, we will share how to increase the volume on iPhone. There are some basic and simple steps in settings that can make louder your iPhone volume. Just get into it.

4 Ways To Increase Volume on iPhone

How To Increase Volume On iPhone

1. Adjust the EQ Settings on Your iPhone

The EQ setting in the iPhone is called Late Night which normalizes the sound of the Apple Music App. It makes the sound clearer and loudest.

  • Just open the settings and scroll down until you see the music app listed and click on it.
  • In the playback section, just click EQ.
  • On the EQ page, tap on “Late Night.

2. Increase the Volume Level in App

Similar to the Apple Music App, adjust the default volume setting in Spotify. Here are the simple steps to follow.

  • Open the Music app, and click on the small gear-shaped settings icon in the right corner.
  • In the setting, click on Playback, which appears at the menu’s top.
  • Scroll Down to the volume level and select quirt or normal. Tap on the loud option that appears beside.

3. Turn Off Loud Sounds Option on iPhone

  • Open the setting and click “Sounds & Haptics” or ‘Sounds.’
  • after that, tap on headphone safety in the headphone audio section.
  • Switch for “Reduce Loud Sounds” is not turned on, and then turn it off by swiping the button to the left.

4. Correct Position of iPhone to Increase Volume on iPhone

There are some things that keep in mind to make the iPhone louder

  1. The speaker is on the button, so tend to prop it up against a computer or phone so the screen will be in front of you. Keep the phone upside down, and the speaker will work louder than normal.
  2. The second option is awkward, but that’s work. Keep the iPhone in a curved base bowl that will cause sound waves to bounce up and create a better soundstage.

Bottom Line

These options work for every model, no matter which model you have. However, all the latest models work best. You can implement all the models and know-how to increase volume on iPhone 7,8,10,11,12. Hopefully, these will help to make your iPhone volume louder.

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