10 Best Information Technology Career Paths & Jobs


Are you looking for your Information Technology career path? Do you want to know about high paying computer jobs, offering good salary package and great opportunities ahead?

Here a list has been gathered regarding the latest information technology jobs. It is presented as a guidance.

Reason for selecting Information technology career paths:

  • If you are an IT graduate, you’d definitely have number of opportunities.
  • IT experts are being highly paid
  • Jobs for IT graduates are always available in market
  • They are highly specialized almost in every field
  • IT professionals make business models easier to understand
  • Almost all the organizations are dependent on software, emails and much more. Most of things are managed by the IT department

After sorting out from various sources, following is the list of 10 best information technology jobs.

10 Best Information Technology Career Paths & Jobs

Best Information Technology Career Paths & Jobs

#1 Mobile Application Developer

It is one of the most demanding occupation these days. The smartphones and tablets have changed our way of communication.

The demand of mobile applications is increasing day by day. This highlights the need of IT skills. So, there are number of job openings for mobile developers.

Android and IOS platforms keep offering the jobs for mobile application developers.

#2 Software Engineer

As the technology is evolving, there is in need of software engineers. Like adapting the cloud technologies, software engineers have developed number of applications regarding data security and scalability.

Smart devices and industries are always requesting for new software so their tasks can be done effectively and efficiently. This initiative will offer number of job openings for software engineer.

#3 Game designer

From last years, gaming industry has earned billions of dollars. Along with the increase in the market of console games, many openings become available for the game designers and programmers.

Game designers and mobile developers work together to launch the games for smartphones, tablets and other devices. Game designers are always need to be in the market to collaborate with latest technologies.

#4 Network Security Specialist

Whatever is the organization, their main concern is their data security. They want to protection of their important data against cyber-attacks. This symbolizes amazing opportunity for IT experts to upgrade their skills regarding cyber security.

Network security specialist is a very important person as he has to handle number of IT operations in terms of security. For example: risk management, security of networks and cloud security.

#5 Web developer

In recent years, it has been observed that every other business has their own website. As they are offering number of products and services, here comes the tasks for the web developers.

This also boost up the demand of developers as the businesses want an impressive website to attract their customers.

Number of skills are required being a web developer such as user experience, user design and responsive web design. This all varies from device to device.

#6 Manager of Technology

The job openings for the IT manager is directly linked to the IT experts who are under his supervision.

It has been observed that huge variety of technical jobs has been increased which needs to be managed by the experienced IT managers. They also have to administrate the data security and network security specialist.

#7 Network Administrator

The demand of network administrators is increasing as many organizations are investing on systems and latest technologies. This all is done to generate more productivity and efficiency.

Almost, all the organizations have started online businesses where their basic requirement is the presence of network administrators and managers. They will help them protect and provide safety to the business activities using newest technologies.

#8 Systems Analyst

As all the organizations are dependent on technology so computer system analysts need to be hired to provide the architecture of new systems. Health care industries require system analyst for number of operations.

They need an electronic system where all the medical records are being saved and computerized prescriptions are generated. For this kind of customized system, computer system analysts are being hired.

#9 Cloud architect

We are familiar with the term of cloud computing. The organizations always demand for unlimited storage for their important data, files, emails and much more.

But all these tasks need an architecture for its management. So, these tasks are of cloud architect.

#10 Modeler of Data

IT professionals including data modelers must be present in the team to create designs for data. They should provide definition regarding the relationships between the data fields.

As the data of the company is unique and significant, this data modelling helps to carry the tasks in a perfect manner. Complex tasks are designed in a simple manner by the data modeler.

Wrapping up

Technology is among the fastest growing industries and always stay in the market. Must go through this list and consider it as a guide. It will definitely lead towards your tech job which you have imagined of.

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